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Resistor Technology and Applications  –  Blog

Choosing A Thick Film Power Resistor Substrate

Armed with the resistor performance specification and full details of the application a specialist thick film power resistor manufacturer will select the most appropriate substrate technology to deliver a reliable resistor solution at an appropriate cost. There are...

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Thick Film Custom Resistor Package Styles

Thick film resistor technology is the ideal choice for many applications. Other resistor technologies may outperform thick film in certain applications but are usually lower density and/or higher cost solutions. Thick film technology has excellent thermal properties...

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How To Specify A Custom Power Resistor

When a standard power resistor will not match the demands of a particular application a custom power resistor can be one solution. To ensure the resistor performs to specification over its full in service life close co-operation is required between the system design...

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Why Resistors Fail Under High Energy Pulse Conditions

When trying to select the correct thick film resistor it is important to understand why resistors fail under pulse conditions. High energy pulses may occur in a wide variety of applications. They may be predictable or random events. It is important to understand the...

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How To Specify Custom Heater Resistors

Heater resistors are used in a wide variety of applications from simple demisting elements in car windscreens to complex medical applications where demand is increasing for custom heater resistors to satisfy the requirements of demanding and diverse medical...

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Thick Film Bleeder Resistor Selection

A bleeder resistor is a safety device designed to prevent electric shock to system maintenance and service personnel. Correct bleeder resistor selection is vital to ensure electric charge stored in a system is dissipated when equipment is turned off. Bleeder resistors...

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