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Thick Film Heater Resistors 

TSEC designs and manufactures application specific thick film heater resistors for medical and other high reliability applications in low to medium volume. Heater resistors are typically used where a controlled level of heat must be applied to a specific area. Once installed the resistor component can be difficult to access so it must be mechanically robust, electrically stable and offer a long in service life.

Why Thick Film Resistor Technology?

Thick film heater resistors deliver excellent heat transfer, thermal efficiency and temperature uniformity across a surface. They can be custom designed to fit in small, difficult to access, areas and apply a controlled level of heat exactly where it is required.

TSEC have experience of the stringent performance and reliability demands of heater resistor applications and work closely with customers through the heater resistor design and manufacturing phase to ensure the product is fit for purpose. We deliver a selection of prototypes where necessary.

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