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Obsolete Resistor Replacement


TSEC design and manufacture form fit and function replacements for obsolete resistor devices. We offer a fast turnaround service and delivery in low to medium quantity.

We deliver replacements for devices made obsolete by resistor manufacturers including Bourns, Metalux and Ohmite, among others. The cost of a custom resistor can often be significantly lower than the cost of the original product offered by component dealers or brokers.

Resistor Obsolescence Challenges

The high volume manufacturers of standard resistor devices are under constant pressure to cut costs and streamline their product line ups. A resistor can, therefore, become obsolete or difficult to source at short notice. Production shortages of resistor devices may delay the delivery of equipment. Customer relationships can be damaged and company financial performance compromised.

If a resistor is made obsolete many manufacturers will try to chase down any remaining stock in the supply chain. The original resistor component can become both difficult and expensive to source. If an attempt is made to purchase residual stock from distribution or component brokers this can lead to issues with quality or counterfeit components.

TSEC can manufacture obsolete resistor replacements on short timescales keeping production running until a long term replacement can be found. Our flexible approach to resistor design and manufacture means we can still manufacture resistor products first introduced over 30 years ago.

Why Thick Film

Thick film resistors have excellent thermal performance, they are reliable and space efficient. The technology is relatively cheap to tool with product available on short leadtimes. A wide range of footprints is available including leaded, surface mount, through hole or vertical in line.

Thick film technology is robust and resistor trimming delivers a wide range of resistor values and tolerances. The material has excellent thermal and electrical properties so it may be used for a wide range of applications from power applications to precision sensors.

Thick film substrates deliver the option of either solderable or wire bondable connections. A variety of leadframe options is also available so devices may be manufactured to fit the original device footprint even if the body size or aspect ratio is slightly different from the original.

TSEC work with customers to deliver solutions to resistor obsolescence issues. The key to success is a detailed specification of the original device and an open and flexible approach.

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