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Thick Film Resistor Network Manufacturer


We deliver application specific thick film resistor network devices in low to medium volume. We work with customers to design and manufacture a technical solution in space-saving single-in-line packages.

High volume resistor network applications include pull up/pull down, level translator, line termination and pulse squaring applications.

TSEC products are used in more specialised applications including:

  • Precise value matching of resistors for precision amplifier applications.
  • Thick Film Resistive bridges used as pressure sensors for racing car applications. These have proven to be more stable over temperature and time than semiconductor pressure elements.
  • Gyroscope sensing resistors.

Resistor Network vs Discrete Devices

A resistor network offers several advantages over discrete resistors including:

  • Saving space on board.
  • Reduced resistor drift and significantly improved temperature tracking.
  • Reduced system board interconnect and higher reliability.
  • Value matching.

Space Saving

A resistor network has only one packaging overhead rather than the two (or more) with discrete devices. Issues with placing discrete devices in close proximity on a system board are eliminated.

System board layout is simplified improving reliability and reducing both the design time and system board cost. Further savings can be made in inventory and qualification costs.

Resistor Network Thermal Performance

The proximity of external heat sources may impact the resistance of one discrete resistor in relation to another. Manufacturing variables in discrete resistors can also result in differences in self-heating effects again causing a variation in resistance between two discrete resistors.

Manufacturing resistor devices in close proximity, on the same substrate, using the same manufacturing process in a resistor network configuration resolves these issues. TCR matching issues are reduced or eliminated.

Reduced Interconnect

A thick film resistor network replaces system board interconnect with interconnect on a fully tested resistor component. This approach can improve the overall reliability of the system.

Thick Film Resistor Network Value Matching

Many precision instrumentation and measurement applications require pairs of resistors that are closely matched in value. Resistor networks deliver excellent resistor-to-resistor matching.

Resistor Network Application Information

Required Application Information

TSEC manufacture a wide range of customer specific configurations, with or without resistor matching. Resistance ranges from 1 Ohm to 100MOhms in block resistor designs, to over 1,000MOHms in high voltage meander designs are available.

To design a customer specific thick film resistor network product information is required on:

  • Number of resistors and values
  • Tolerance
  • Dimensional constraints
  • Power / current rating
  • Operating frequency
  • Operating and maximum voltage
  • Pulse withstand requirements
  • Temperature Co-efficient
  • Termination (SMD/T.Hole)
  • Number of terminals
  • Length of pin
  • Required date and quantity required

Armed with this information TSEC will design and manufacture custom resistor networks for a wide range of applications.

Example: Application Specific Thick Film Resistor Network Product:

CN0078 High power resistor network                    Download Data

Please contact us on 01207 230728 … to discuss your thick film resistor network requirements. We can help with design and manufacture of network resistor products for both new and legacy projects.