Thick Film High Voltage Resistor Manufacturer

We design and manufacture application specific thick film high voltage resistor product in low to medium volume. We understand you don't want to compromise by simply using an off the shelf resistor that does not match the exact specification but is the closest available fit. In many applications the risk of a resistor performance issue causing system failure is a risk that cannot be tolerated.

We have many years’ experience designing custom high voltage resistor products for a wide range of high power applications and retain a detailed understanding of thick film resistor technology, manufacturing and application issues.

The main application for thick film high voltage resistors is sensitive circuit protection elements in power supplies but other applications include medical devices, military systems (RADAR, SONAR), Anti-static systems, motor control, high voltage resistor divider circuits and balancing and emitter resistors.


Thick Film High Voltage Resistor Manufacturing Capability

We manufacture application specific resistor product in the U.K in low to medium volume.

Resistance - Ohmic Ranges 1 Ohm to 1,000 MOhms

Voltage maximum 80,000Volts (as single element)

Temperature co-efficient (TCR) 100ppm/°C (for standard designs)

Tolerance ±1% (for standard designs)

Wattage Ranges from low power (Watts) to KWatts depending on resistive element

The above applies for standard designs. By utilising specialised materials, manufacturing and test processes we believe we may manufacture a suitable high voltage resistor product for any application. We work with system designers to understand the nature of the application before starting the resistor design process. An analysis of data sheet parameters alone is rarely sufficient to ensure long term reliable performance. Ambient temperature, moisture levels, mechanical stress, handling, overvoltage and surge conditions can all have an impact on in circuit resistor performance. 
Standard Product
The AHV Thick Film High Voltage Resistor Series

Part Number Max power dissipation (W) Max power dissipation (W) Max dimensions(mm)
AHV15 10 2.3 (at 70C) 20x13.7
AHV25 15 5.8 (at 70C) 29x15
AHV30 30 12.5 (at 70C) 51.8x6
AHV35 20 8 (at 70C) 53x9.2
AHV45 15 6.6 (at 70C) 40x19
AHV50 30 12.5 (at 70C) 51.8x26.4


AHV15 AHV25 AHV30 AHV35 AHV45 AHV50 Package Detail


Contact TSEC to discuss your application specific thick film high voltage resistor requirements on 01207 230728.